Going Nucular

Posted By Stefan Monsaureus

After a prolonged hiatus, I am resurrecting this blog, which had been rendered silent by the competing priorities of real life. But, the enduring irrationality of the American public, the perversion of our political process, the myopic greed of our major corporations, and the persistence of willful ignorance compel me to once again express my thoughts, vent my frustrations, and air my grievances, even if only for my own edification.

Where this will go I cannot say. I have been lurking anonymously in the blogosphere during the past several months, only rarely surfacing long enough even to post a comment or participate in some online discussion. But, there is much to be said, and much to be done. So, let’s get to it…

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3 October 2008

One Comment to 'Going Nucular'

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  1. Dave said,

    To which can only be said – bravo, and welcome back to the fray

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